Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day 2

This morning I was able to make banana and blueberry pancakes and made enough for Abby this week.  I did a few things around the house, but as the day wore on, I started to feel more achy.  The Neulasta shot has side effects of bone pain, I can certainly vouch for that now.    I'll have to call it an early evening. I wanted to try and make it to church in the morning, but I'll have to see if this pain lets up.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Day After

I woke this morning feeling tired and a little lightheaded, but was able to do my early morning routine.  Bob took me back to the Dr.'s today to get my Neulasta shot, which is now starting to hurt my bones.  I didn't let that stop me from attending Abby's gym program tonight, it was only an hour, and then we went to get a bite to eat. Food is tasting a little funny, and not able to swallow quickly.  I am taking things really slow.  Hopefully tonight I can get a good nights sleep.  One day at a time!  Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

1st One Down

I'll keep it short and sweet.  My treatment started right on time at 12:00 noon and lasted till 5:30. Quite a long day and I am feeling very tired.  I had 6 different bags of meds and chemo.  My only symptoms during the treatment was a metal taste in my mouth and a rapid heartbeat which the nurses kept a close watch on. We made it home by 6:00 and faithful Marsha, (the nanny) was keeping Abby busy.  I was able to eat dinner, post something for ya'll, and now I'm making my way back to the sofa.  Catch up with you tomorrow.

Here We Go

Hope bear and me, taken by Abby.
Well, the day has finally arrived and I am scheduled for Chemotherapy to begin at 12:00 noon.  They will start by giving me steroids, Benadryl, and anti-nausea medication.  Then they continue by hanging the first bag of chemo called Texotere followed by Cytoxin.  The whole process should take approx 3 1/2 hours.  Dr. Meng has promised to have all hands on deck to ward off any possible complications.  Thank goodness the local hospital is not far away.  I am usually an optimist, but lately, lets just say, not taking any chances!!!
I will post this evening how everything went.  If you don't hear, well, you know what that means.  Start praying.
I will also post briefly on  a daily basis just to keep everyone updated.  I'll keep it lighthearted, and sparing of TMI.  Thank you for the phone calls and text I have received this morning.
See ya soon

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So Thankful

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of you out there who are lifting me up in prayer daily.  I find that when I start to wallow in a little self pity, I am reminded by a text, phone call, card in the mail, old friends, new friends are always there.  Lisa Gaynor came over last week after my "close call" to stay with me while Bob had to be away.  I have'nt seen her for a year or so, and it's as though no time had passed at all.  Cathy Schwanke dropped of Chinese food from Jade, while running an errand.  Meals have been brought in by dear friends at church. Hugs and well wishers are close by.  Most importantly, I have faith to get me through, a strong supportive husband, and my children showing more love and affection than ever before, ok, that just started the water works!!  HA.   Love to all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chemo Education

I went to Dr. Mengs office today for my Chemo Education.  What is Chemo education?  Basically, it's having an highly skilled person sit across the room, and tell you everything you have already researched on the internet.  Words the PA was discribing, I already knew.  Like Nadir, for instance.  That's the period of time that your white blood count is at it's lowest, and you have to be careful about being around anyone who is sick. I have never been one to stay down very long, so this is really going to be a challange.  Just knowing I may be house bound for more than a day is unconceivable. We discussed medication I will have to take before each treatment, blood draws, shots and of course the lovely side effects. If loosing your hair isn't bad enough, how about fluid retention, weight gain? ugh!   On a positive note, they were able to acces my port today for a blood draw, ( a little unnerving) no more needle sticks in my batterd arm!! She did say scar tissue is forming on my neck, and that's what is causing the pain when I lean my head backwards.  It's all a part of the process and I  have to keep reminding myself, this isn't forever, and this too shall pass. I'll let you know how Thursday goes.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Disney on Ice

We took Abby to see Disney, Princess on Ice a few weeks ago.  I thought this was a cute picture of her, and I was having a good hair day!  I think I'm having a moment here!!  Can't let the tears fall on my computer.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Close call

As you can see from the date of my last post, I was not able to post immediately after the port procedure.  I went in for this procedure that was to take approx 45 min to an hour.  Things seemed to be going well, I was able to eat a few bites of a sandwhich, and thought that I would be  leaving for home around 2:OO pm.  I picked up a grape, and then looked at Bob, and said, I have to lay down, I feel sick.  And with that comment, I was out.  My heart when into an irregular pattern, respiration failure followed ,and a code was called in the hospital to get to radiaology. People don't usually code in the radiology dept.  I don't remember much, just a feeling of being here, but not able to communicate and see those around me.  I know my poor husband was subjected to all that was going on. He had to walk away at one point, He thougth I was gone. He remained cool, calm and collected, able to answer any questions the Dr.s were asking him.  After a blunt hit to  the center of my chest and shocking my heart into a normal rhythm, the Dr. in charge reversed the drugs with 6 shots of Narcan, and established a normal airway. I was transferred to the ICU to be obseverd throughout the night. I remained pretty much out of it for the remainder of the night. It has been established that I am extremely allergic to most narcotics, and some drugs used for anesthesia.  I think I will have the paramedics follow me to the first Chemo appoint, lol.  Don't want to take any chances!!!  So, as ususal, I never do anything the easy way, and I love to keep the nurse's on their toes. Thank you for the many prayers that went up that day.  I know the Lord was probably a bit tired of hearing about Marie Drinkhouse, He said, "Fine ya'll, you can keep her for a while.  Love ya,

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Well, here I go again, heading off to Scottsdale Shea for my 3rd procedure.  This process is starting to feel all to familiar.  I will be having a port-a-cath device installed this morning to help with the administration of Chemo.  My left are is not able to be used any more, and I did not want to take the chance of having my right arm harmed by the effects of the chemo. Dr. Meng strongly suggested having the port installed.  It will also help to spare many needle sticks in the near future. I'm scheduled for 11:30. They tell me it takes approx 45 min to an hour.  If all goes well and the anesthesia doesn't reek havoic on my body, I should be home around 2:30-3:00  I feeling a little tired, but I am calm and at peace with this whole situation, (make sure you remind me of this when my hair falls out!!)  ha  While it can be a daunting process, I realize the end result will yield a cancer free diagnosis, and like I said before, maybe 20 lbs lighter and a new hair style.  I'll let you know how I am this evening. Till then.................

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Abby's herbs

Savoring the moment

What does one do when your feeling fine for now, but realize that will change in the near future?  You savor the moment.  My new found hobby is cooking like Paula Deen, (not hard considering my southern roots, just more butter!) and scrapbooking every little detail of this journey.  Abby and I went to Lowes today and bought fresh herbs to make a little garden.  Everything really does taste better with fresh ingredients.  I'm told that you loose some of your taste while on chemo, but hopefully that is temporary. At least I can make things tasty for everyone else.  I'm having a good day today, not really thinking about what's ahead.  My mood changes often, but I try not to let my situation get me down, its just that hair loss thing!!  What a bummer.  I am on a crusade to make hats fashionable once again.  As long as the package looks good on the outside, it hides what your feeling on the inside.  That's what I'm shootin for.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chemo survival basket

The Wingo family surprised me today with a CHEMO SURVIVAL BASKET!!  I was incredibly touched by the thought, effort and generosity that went into making this gift so special and unique.  Coming from a cancer survivor, Sharon knew first hand exactly what I could use. This gift has all the items that I could possibly need to brave the next few months.  I am so blessed to be surrounded by friends, and family,at a time when I need shoulders to lean on, ears to listen and arms to hold. God bless the Wingo's

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chemo bound!

If there is one word that I have spent a great deal of time researching lately, it's ONCOTYPE DX.  I knew when Dr. Quiet (radiation oncologist) wanted me to see Dr. Meng (medication oncologist) that probably meant the possibility of chemo.  However, I went into that appointment thinking my number was a 15, when the results were placed in my hand, thanks to my reasearh, I knew that the number 25  I recieved, would guarentee my spot on the recliner!!!  I wasn't quite prepared for the news mentally.  I know it has to be down to reduce the reaccurance rate, but is any women happy about loosing her hair?  I have been growing it out for the past 3 years and it now reaches the middle of my back!  It truly is as thick as a horses mane! lol lol  Not only that, but I have the habit of twirling my hair, which I have done since birth.  How do I break that habit now?  I don't think twirling a wig will have the same calming effect.  I plan on shopping for a wig next week before chemo even begins.  That way I can hopefully have something that resembles my own style.  Or think about this, I could do a different hairstyle everday.  Blonde, brunette, red head, long, short or in between!  The choices are endless,  and nothing to shampoo, curl, or flat iron.  I knew if I wrote long enough, I would fine a silver linning somewhere.  I think I found it!!!  Love to all.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Radiation Day...

Or so I thought!  I had an appointment yesterday with the radiation oncologist.  I was prepared to start the process of radiation.  They had me scheduled for a CT.  Dr. Quiet asked me if I had received word from my blood test, mainly the Oncotye DX?  I told her that the report was at the medical oncologist office, but I had to wait until next week to hear the news.   She called over to the office and was told that my Oncotype number was 15.  That means that while I am considered a lower risk of it returning, its still a risk.  I'm considered in the "gray area"  With that news, she wanted me to discuss chemotherapy with the medical oncologist.  I am trying not to think of all that entails, but at the same time, tryting to talk myself into it.  I am not at peace with the fact that all of the cancer is gone.  My brother died at the age of 42 from lung cancer, which began on the chest wall.  Mine is close to the chest wall as well.  I would rather have a 100% guarentee that I am free and clear, than to always be guessing, what if?  I'll update the information next week when I hear from Dr. Meng.  My next appointment is April 6th