Friday, April 20, 2012

Another view of all my goodies!

Amazing Basket

Dianna from the Flyers, is very creative when it comes to sending Get Well Wishes!  This basket arrived the other day loaded with goodies.  Each item was individualy wrapped which made Abby feel like it was Chrismas time!!  The huge box of pretzels grazed my hand as the family decided they were the favorite, however, I managed to find another box filled with chocolate chip cookies. I hid those for my own indulgence.  Thank you Diana for thinking about me when I know its crazy in the FLYERS house right now.  Also to Mr, Barry H.Mr. Paul H. and Mr. Bryan H. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Feeling Good

I am happy to say that surgery has gone well, and I am doing great.  It is hard not being able to drive for 2 weeks, but the "no cleaning, no cooking" rule, I won't argue with.  Marsha has been a great help with Abby taking her back and forth to school, and helping in the evenings when things get crazy.  Caleb has even stepped up to help load laundry, (I still fold it) and mopping the floor. As for Bob, the stress I put him through last week is starting to subside, just in time for the play off season.  Lets go Flyers!!!
Ellie and Amber came over to help with dinner last week.  Ellie brought balloons with peaunt M&M's attached.  Perfect gift, and I enjoyed having them here for the evening.
My faithful little guy sitting watch over me.  He knows when things aren't right.

How blessed am I? Beyond Belief!

 When the door bell rang, I opened the door and was surprised by this beautiful arrangement of flowers from Mr. Glickman, Monique and Keely. How sweet to be thought of, and the flowers really did brighten my day. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Sound familiar?

The old saying " here we go again" is ringing true for me today.  For those of you who don't know, I am gearing up for another surgery tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the end of the long journey started last February.  Because of my extreme sensitivity to anesthesia, I have asked for 2 procedures to be done at the same time.  When one Dr. steps out, the other one will be waiting to step in.  Bob has promised to keep me house bound for 2 weeks.  For anyone who knows me well, that could be a challenge!! My  mind is raring to go, but the body takes much longer to catch up these days, so Bob has to step in and tell me when to stop. I love and appreciate the countless hours he has endured to help in my recovery.
Many have said they will be praying for me, and I feel that sweet peace I have experience so many times before, and I thank each of you for that. 
I most go for now, as they say, "times a wastin", and I have to get my nails done.  One must always be prepared to look their best, even under dire circumstances. lol

Basket of thoughtfullness

I am once again reminded of the caring, thoughtful friends we have.  I received this basket from Mary, with the 76ers, just before my surgery.  I was pleasantly surprised, and so very thankful.

Lunch with Ashley

I'm finally willing to put a picture of me on my blog with short hair.  For my family and friends back east, its the first time seeing me without my long flowing locks!!  Yes, I was with Ashley, but by her own admittance, she was having a bad hair day, so it cropped her out.  ha ha