Saturday, June 25, 2011

Change of pace

I have to admit that I am quite excited about our upcoming trip to Las Vegas! NO, not to gamble but to watch Caleb as he shows off his talents to scouts who are coming in from all parts of the country.  Caleb is now at the age where he has to prove himself in this area, or its off to other things.  As for me, I am looking forward to a change of scenery.  Since Feb, our lives have been dictated by Dr.s visits, test, port draws,operations, chemo,and side effects.  So imagine my response when Bob asked if I wanted to go.  After checking with all Dr.s and carefully packing my medical portfolio, my answer was a hearty, AMEN!  It will be a nice diversion since my last chemo appt. is on Thursday.  We won't be getting in until Wednesday night so I'm sure I'll be tired, but I usually sleep after chemo anyway.  I am scheduled to begin radiation treatments on July 18th.  I wanted to keep the ball rolling to get this over with and resume a normal life again.  I realize that I will always be at risk, and have to keep in touch with Dr.s on  regular basis, but I am looking forward to the day when I have the energy back that I once had.  Lets hope I can keep up with the pace these next few days in Vegas, if not, I guess the view from the room will have to do!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Chemo, Round 3

I met with Dr. Meng on Tuesday 6-7 to discuss upcoming chemo and also to discuss the massive amount of blood work they did while I was in the hospital. Most was within normal limits, but there was a real concern for 2 of the test. I don't have all the specifics, but to keep it in Layman's terms, I am at an increased for a heart attack and stroke.  My blood tends to clot too quickly making it possible clots to stick to the arteries and veins.  She has repeated some test and added additional ones which I have not received back yet.  She has advised me to take an aspirin everyday and to add an organic potion that will help, I'm guessing to help thin the blood naturally. We then moved on to the horrible sides effects that have been happening with the chemo.  She decided to move my date from Thursday, back one day and add 2 days of extra fluids.  It seems the chemo really dehydrates me quickly, and makes it harder for the organs to function.  So I spent 8 1/2 hours at the center on Wed, and then 4 hours on Thurs and now back today from 6-10 to do the same.  I only felt drugged on Thursday, and tired yesterday, but it seems to be working, because I feel OK so far.  Tonight and tomorrow real be the true test.  That's when the lovely Nuelasta shot kicks in.  Thanks for reading.